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We have Two levels of core training, one to get started and our elite Core training Designed by Sport Specific Strength Expert

JIM KRUMPOS of the U of A

Performance Enhancement Coach for U of A Baseball


Come try a class for free and see what its all about.

Beginning Wiffle Core 6pm Monday & Wednesday (Centerfield Staff) 

$10 per Class Members/$15 Non-Members

10 Sessions/$80 Members/$125 Non-Members

20 Sessions/$120 Members/$200 Non-Members

Advanced 7pm on Mon, Wed, and 5pm on Fri. w/ Jim Krumpos.

$22 per Class

$175/8 Sessions

$315/16 Sessions

$375/20 Sessions

Team Rates also Available

Please arrive a 10 minutes before the class start time; each workout lasts 55 minutes.


GET STARTED FOR AS LITTLE as $18/class or Sign up for packets of 8 Sessions,

16 Sessions, or 20 Sessions.


  • You will be tested and measured on several strength points and you will improve drastically over 10 weeks of training

"In my nine years of professional baseball, I believe I worked harder than anybody in the game. My one off season working with Jim Krumpos changed my perception of that entirely. Coming off substantial injuries, and the worst year of my career, I needed something to propel me to the level I believed I was capable of. I felt I was unable to do that on my own, and I asked Jim for his help. In one off season, not only did he return me to my good health, but he elevated my career to a new level by helping me have the best season of my life. Jim helped me increas strength, speed, and flexibility in ways that were all functional and specific to baseball. I had a healthy season, and a MVP year, which none of it could have been achieved without the brilliance, dedication, care, and hard work of Jim Krumpos."

Shelley Duncan New York Yankees (MLB).


"Jim Krumpos did an outstanding job  in his years here with the Charlotte 49ers. His dedication and knowledge made a lasting impression on our program. Jim's ability to diagnose and correct body imbalances had a direct effect on our pitchers staying healthy through his time here. He continued to work with our pitchers improving their athletic ability and strength levels, and there is no doubt that Jim had a huge impact on the 2007 pitching staff that led the country in ERA and our program made the jump to Top 50 programs nationally."

Brandon Hall Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach of Charlotte 49ers.


"This class is a must for players of all ages--I want all my clients to take this class before they see me so they can control their body and get more from their lessons."

 - Brent Strom, Former MLB Coach/Player

"Go to Centerfield's Core Training Class first, then come see me."

- Dan Galaz, Pitching Coach, Scout, Seattle Mariners

 "I can't thank you enough.  This class has already done wonders for Eric (13) (after 4 weeks)--he's faster, more agile, more powerful, and more confident. Thank you!"  

-George Gutierrez, parent






 Increase your Bat Speed. Throwing Velocity. Agility

  • Core Strength
  • Coordination
  • Self Confidence
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Foot Speed
  • Bat Speed
  • Throwing Velocity
  • Agility
  • Endurance





Available 3 days a week. We recomend 2-3 workouts per week so there are

No excuses!   


  • Our Core Program is designed for all ages.  For the safety of our young athletes we do not incorporate weights into the workout unless they are 12 and up. 



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