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  Ricky Scruggs, founder and director of instruction, pictured with his former Coach MLB Houston Astros Hitting Coach, Jose Cruz. (Photo By David Wood )

Jose was quoted saying "Getting Ricky on my ball club was the best trade I ever made."


A word from Ricky:

Those who saw Centerfield take the journey from an idea in my mind to a reality in my life have asked me:

"Wow how did you do this?"  My answer is always, "Well, I didn't".  In award or victory speeches, people often say "I'd like to thank God for where I am."  Much of the time, it's rhetorical and goes in one ear of the audience and right out the other.   However, looking back from the day I signed the multi-year lease committing me to hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even knowing how I would hang the cages, to what you see and feel when you walk into Centerfield today, I can truly say that I could not have done it without God's intervention.  So I really don't want it to sound like just a formality when I say, "Thank God for Centerfield and for the people he sent to help us along the way!"

Starting with my wife Sylvia, "Thank you for believing that we could live the life we imagined with passion."  As well, I'd like to thank each and every person who stepped up and contributed their time and effort to help this little dream of ours become a reality. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! 

If you want to be doing something that you love, don't wonder, "Can I?"  Just ask yourself and God, "How can I?" and then listen and follow directions.       - Ricky Scruggs 

Baseball Background

Ricky played three years of professional baseball with a combined batting average well over .300  He also played division 1 college ball at UNLV where he earned first team honors on the All Big West Team.  Ricky was fortunate enough to play at Cochise Junior College for Bo Hall, the best hitting instructor and manager he has ever played for including his pro baseball experience, where he played for Jose Cruz( MLB All-Star).  Ricky batted .447 with 13 home runs as a freshman, but what far eclipsed his performance was the team, which went to the JUCO World series both years and came within a break or two of winning a national championship.  Much of Ricky's philosophies and team concept were formed at that level and under his 24-1 state championship team and coach Tom Maclamore, in high School.  He currently holds records at AAAA Farmington High School for home runs, batting average .549, slugging percentage, doubles, on base percentage, and ERA.

-Ricky is highly trained in team management, training and motivational speaking.  He majored in Psychology at UNLV and is currently pursuing his masters of arts in theological studies.  Ricky has done thousands of individual and private hitting lessons and specializes in increasing power and efficiency of the swing and the mental game.  He has been hired for the 2006 season as the mental coach for Pima College, where he will help build the vision of winning a National championship and developing players to the next level.  Ricky is the director of instructors at centerfield and believes that a good instructor must understand hitting and the swing but most importantly be able to relate to players of all ages and get on their level to really help them come away from the lesson with useful and lasting ideas to improve.  "Just because I played at a professional level does not necessarily qualify me to teach a 10 year old how to hit.  Teaching requires a totally different set of skills, as well as time, dedication, and motivation.  There are no quick fixes." 

We at Centerfield teach from the inside out, so that no ability is ever coached out of a player and the explosive talent and sound principles that they discover through our process last them a lifetime. 






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